Product Details:

Lime Green is the zingy, tangy shade of vitality. It represents high energy, keeping momentum, being relentless, and enjoying a fun-filled sense of health. The added blue flowers on the woman’s faces symbolize taking time to nourish your soul along the path of life, in every bitter or sweet season. This dreamcoat’s lime color radiates brightness, much like the water (the blue women border) travels up the stalk of a plant toward the sun! Embrace your shine and intentionally allow your soul to glow like the sun. Be the brightest and shine to light up others.

Get ready to elevate your shine game to the next level with this fun and full-throttle feel. Lime Shine is exactly what it is, no holds barred.

This luxurious dreamcoat is crafted from recycled poly crepe.


  •  Color: Bright lime-yellow with hues of blue border. Please note that colors may vary slightly from what you see online due to display settings.
  •  Length: Approximately 54″ Length.
  •  Quality: Made from recycled polyester crepe, also known as Rpet, which is created using recycled polyester materials such as plastic bottles discarded into the ocean annually. PET bottles are separated and cleaned to remove residue, crushed into small plastic pellets, and then processed to create new polyester fibers. The fabric is lightweight, breathable, durable, and eco-friendly.
  •  Features: The dreamcoat comes with a self-tie feature for adjusting the fit according to your preference.
  •  Source: Designed with LOVE in Norwalk, CT. Handcrafted in India.

Our ‘One Size’ dreamcoats are cut to accommodate women of all sizes, from S to XL. If you are under 5’4″ (like Vernice), it is recommended to order a petite length of 50″, as the regular length size of 54″ may be too long without alterations. For larger sizes (2XL and up), please feel free to request availability.

To keep your dreamcoat in its best condition, follow these care instructions:

  •  Hand wash cool/cold with mild detergent.
  •  Please do not wring.
  •  Air Dry on a Hanger.
  •  Steam if needed. Avoid ironing, please.

This versatile, easy-to-wear dreamcoat works for every shape, size, and occasion imaginable. Consider trying out these style options to create different looks:

  •  Tie & Knot the bottom hem (one side or both) to shorten the length and wear it as an asymmetric design.
  •  Pull up the bottom hem to gather and tie at the knees for a ¾ length.
  •  Pull up the bottom hem to gather and tie below the waist.
  •  Layer Intermix – Wear it under a Crop or Short Jacket (Denim, Leather, Vegan, Sherpa).
  •  Wear your DreamCoat under a Faux Fur Coat or Puffer Coat for added warmth and style.
  •  Turn your DreamCoat into a Dress by wearing it “backwards” and tying it in the back.
  •  Shorten sleeves & gather by using a Hair-Tie. Pull the hair-tie over the sleeves, around mid-arm, pull the fabric over the elastic, and gather.

This item is Made to Order, meaning it is hand-cut and sewn specifically for each order. The crafting process begins the moment your order is placed. The crafting period for this item is typically 3-5 weeks, depending on surges in demand. We truly appreciate your support and love for our creations! Thank you!