Product Details:
This serene Happy Garden DreamCoat brings your daydreams of traveling to a botanical garden and lounging in a place of growth for the soul to life, wherever you are. Sumptuous, silky, and splendid, this beautiful piece proves that comfort and beauty can go hand in hand. The bell sleeves add a hint of retro glamour, while the self-tie design allows for wearable versatility, making it customizable for each unique wearer. Vernice’s inspiration for this design comes from two quotes: “Every flower must grow through dirt” by Laurie Sennott, and “One day you will look back and see that all along, you were blooming” by Morgan Nichols.

This luxurious dreamcoat is crafted entirely of banana pulp crepe.

  • Color: Ivory with mid-tone hues. Please note that colors may vary slightly based on your display settings compared to what you see online.
  • Length: Approx. 54″ Length
  • Quality: 100% Banana Fiber Crepe from India. Yarn spun from strands derived from the soft inner lining of banana peels, one of the world’s strongest natural fibers. The fabric is biodegradable, made from the stem of the banana tree, and is incredibly durable. It is highly breathable and lightweight, providing a cooling effect to the skin.

Features: Self-tie for adjustable fit.
Source: Designed with LOVE in Norwalk, CT. Handcrafted in India.

Our ‘One Size’ dreamcoats are cut to accommodate women sizes S-XL! For individuals under 5’4″ (like Vernice), we recommend ordering a petite length of 50″ as a regular length size of 54″ may be too long without alterations. Sizes 2XL and up are available upon request.

Care Instructions:
Hand wash cool/cold with mild detergent. Please do not wring. Air dry on a hanger. Steam if needed. No ironing, please.

This versatile, easy-to-wear dreamcoat works for every shape, size, and occasion imaginable.

  •  Tie & Knot the bottom hem (one side or both) to shorten the length and wear as an asymmetric design.
  •  Pull up the bottom hem to gather and tie at the knees for a ¾ length.
  •  Pull up the bottom hem to gather and tie below the waist.
  •  Layer Intermix – Wear under a Crop or Short Jacket (Denim, Leather, Vegan, Sherpa).
  •  Wear your DreamCoat under a Faux Fur Coat or Puffer Coat.
  •  Turn your DreamCoat into a Dress by wearing it “backwards” and tying in the back.
  •  Shorten sleeves & gather by using a Hair-Tie. Pull the hair-tie over the sleeves, around mid-arm, and gather the fabric.

This item is Made to Order. It is hand-cut and sewn specifically for each order. The crafting process begins the moment your order is placed. The crafting period for this item is typically 3-5 weeks, depending on surges in demand. We Love you! Thank you!